National Coalition Against Cryptomining


“Proof-of-work” crypto transaction processing is the most PURPOSEFULLY wasteful, destructive, destabilizing industry ever created by man. It’s an extremely redundant, energy and WATER-intensive operation that’s using enough resources to power a mid-sized country like Belgium or Greece. In addition to the obscene squandering of resources, this industry is also terrible for all living beings living anywhere near these facilities.

And what IS “proof-of-work” bitcoin “mining”? The crypto crowd would have you believe it’s a sophisticated computer algorithms furiously computing complex mathematical equations in order to unlock the next block. A simpler, and more honest, explanation is that it’s really just massive warehouses of specifically designed computers that do nothing but guess and throw away trillions of numbers per second. Somewhere in the world, roughly every ten minutes, one of those computers guesses a lucky lottery number, thereby “verifying” a batch of transactions. They are then rewarded with a portion of bitcoin.