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Our Mission

The National Coalition Against Cryptomining is an organization of grassroots groups from over thirteen states and twenty-three communities in America. We are working to educate the public, push for sensible legislation and support local communities impacted by “proof-of-work” crypto transaction processors. This industry is at the nexus of every environmental issue – air, water, noise pollution, environmental justice, water usage, carbon emissions – and it’s drastically impeding our efforts to transition to a green, just grid & future.

Who We Are

The National Coalition Against Cryptomining are a dedicated, passionate group of individuals and organizations working to PROTECT the public, and nature, from the ravages of “proof-of-work” bitcoin processors.

Our membership is diverse, wide-spread, and committed to environmental justice! From stay-at-home moms to high-powered lawyers, members of the National Coalition Against Cryptomining are all united by a single mission: To protect future generations from the horrific and destructive Bitcoin “proof-of-work” industry.

Stay Up-to-Date

The Texas Coalition Against Cryptomining publishes a weekly
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